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The Latest Real Estate Trends for Orlando FL this June 2022

by | Jun 11, 2022

The Latest Real Estate Trends for Orlando FL this June 2022

Orlando, Florida offers the best of both worlds, including idyllic waterfront living and urban living. If you’ve got plans to sell your property in Orlando, you’ll want to know the current 2022 real estate trends that can help you maximize your profit. While it’s not a guarantee that your house will sell quickly and for the best price on the market, it’s a good indicator of how primed the market is for your Orlando home.  

If you’re planning on selling your property within the near future, take a look at some of the real estate trends in Orlando, FL for 2022. Based on the market trends, now may be a great time to consider various options to sell your property.  

House Prices Are Going Up in Orlando 

Q1 saw the housing market in Central Florida set a record high for housing prices. Back in February, the median home price for properties in Orlando was at $345,000. Compared to the year before, this is a $65,000 increase. And the month before, there was nearly a 5.44% increase. 

It’s expected that, over the next few months of 2022, house prices in Orlando will continue to rise. This is due to the high demand of properties with the low number of properties available in the area. The number of homes available on the market dropped 2.77% in January. 

As a result, the market is in favor of sellers. However, this isn’t a guarantee that buyers will be fighting for your property. Factors like your home’s location in Orlando and the condition of your home will still affect your sale. But if the conditions are right, you could see strong interest in your property.  

Different Types of Buyers Are Going to Orlando 

Real estate news reports that cities like Orlando are seeing high population growth from those moving to the area for a number of reasons. With Florida’s warm weather, progressive job growth, and a strong economy, there is a diverse group of buyers looking to relocate to Orlando, Florida. From young professionals, to young couples, ;large families, and retirees – there are plenty of buyers looking for different types of homes. 

Depending on what your property is, you’re unlikely to attract all types of buyers. But with a large mix of different types of buyers, you may be more likely to find a few that are interested in your Orlando property. 

Banking on Tourist Attractions

Orlando is a popular tourist destination in Florida. As a result, many buyers consisting of investors are looking to bank on the opportunities of owning properties. With more people coming to Orlando, real estate income opportunities such as rental homes, guest houses, and house flipping are popular for those who want to seize the opportunity of Orlando’s hot real estate market. 

If you’ve got property that’s in a choice location, you’re likely to receive offers from investors. While you might want to focus on buyers, keeping track of tourism trends can help you leverage your property to receive the best price from investors and other buyers interested in your home. 

Sell to a Professional Home Buyer!

While these market trends may suggest a strong market to sell your property in, this isn’t a guarantee that listing on the market is a good idea. If you need to sell your house in Orlando, FL fast, your best option might be to skip the real estate market entirely and sell to a reliable professional homebuyer like VDL Homes, Inc

At VDL Homes, we can guide you through our tried and tested home selling process that can give you a faster, convenient, and practical experience. We buy homes as-is, which can help you save time and costs when selling your home for a fair cash offer. 

Ready to Sell Your Home in Orlando, FL?

Market trends for Orlando’s market in 2022 looks good for homeowners looking to sell their property this year. While listing on the market can be a good idea, selling to a cash home buyer offers a faster and easier way to sell your home. You get the speed and convenience of professional home buyers while also banking on the opportunity the market has to offer. 

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